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Saturday, June 28, 2014

App icon resize

App Icon resize app for mobile developers such as iOS/Android.
If you need to get multiple sizes of images from a single file, this app would be the one you were looking for. Set multiple size template and resize original icon to various size of icons all at once.
Size template can be stored for later use.
Save time at tedious resizing work.

Choose local icon image file first. Only PNG format supported for now.
Your icon file will never be transmitted to server. No need to wait for server response.
Local icon image is preferably over 1024x1024 pixel size.
Add some of the resize templates. Enter appropriate width, height, file names for each mobile platform.
Go button will give you compressed icon files as a zip file.
Swipe left on a item and click Delete button in case you want to delete existing resize template.

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