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Saturday, May 17, 2014

GPS HUD Pro v1.7

This article will explain upgraded features of GPS HUD v1.7.

  • Sidebar menus

Context menus are moved to sidebar menus. You can swipe to right on HUD screen to view it.

  • Available touch actions at speed view
  1. Touch and hold : Add a new speed camera of current location during driving. GPS signal should be locked and speed should be visible.
  2. Single touch : move to next information in order of date and time, weather info, RSS data.
  3. Swipe to right : show sidebar menu.

  • Speed camera editing with Google map

Once you touch "Speed Camera" menu in side bar, it will lead to editing screen of speed camera locations. On Google map, all speed camera locations in local database are displayed. You can move each camera location, remove existing camera by press and hold on it. If you want to add a new one, press and hold the location where you want to create. If there are so many cameras in a small region, after the map is zoomed out, they are clustered in a circle with number of cameras.
  • Available touch actions at map view
  1. Touch and hold : Add new speed camera location at the finger position on the map. If your finger is on a camera, that camera is picked up and moved along with finger position.
  2. Pinch zoom, touch and drag : zoom in/out or move map.
  3. Swipe right at left most of the screen : show sidebar menu, on the menu you can import camera location data or remove all camera locations.
  • RSS share changes
Refer to this article
  • How to rotate the HUD view
HUD view can be rotated by orientation sensor. So you can use both landscape orientation of your device.