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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

LovelyDay Live Wallpaper

당신의 사랑스런 하루를 위해 디자인된 라이브배경 입니다.


- 환상적인 하트 애니메이션
- 로고를 터치하면 큰 하트 애니메이션
- 화면이동시 크게 움직이는 작은 하트 풍선

This live wallpaper is designed for your lovely daily life.


- Illusive heart animation
- Big hearts on Logo touch
- Swaying heart ballon along screen swife

Friday, December 17, 2010

GPS HUD Pro v1.3 - Speed camera warning

Speed camera warning function has been updated. This is beta version because I've tested in our region but couldn't test overseas. Update and let me know whether it's working OK by email or leaving comment here. First, you need to camera location database of your region to use it.

You may download the free databases on the websites such as poi plaza or speed camera poi. Any txt data file compatible with iGO 8 navigation format should be recognized by GPS HUD.

Here's link of those two sites.

I've seen a few more sites providing the information, go googling for more to discover.

Once you downloaded the txt file, say, au-speedcam.txt, which is Australian speed camera location database, move the file to GPSHUD folder in sdcard. If the folder is not exist, create one with that name.

Then, run GPSHUD Pro on your phone, press menu key, and select "Speed camera update". Importing will be started and take some time to complete depend on the size of database.

After completed, you are ready to go on the road. If a speed camera is within 500m ahead, alarm should be notified with red camera icon and sound which can be changed to meet your needs.

I would like to remind you that the credibility of the database is not our responsibility, and the text file format is quite simple enough for you to edit or delete pois so that you can add new one by looking for another camera location in your region with Google earth.

Meanwhile, I think it would be better to make an application for that purpose and actually began to design it.

Please feel free to ask questions if you have any difficulties by email.
Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowing Christmas Hill

Merry Christmas and Happy year!

- 크리스마스 및 신년 테마의 라이브 배경화면입니다.
- 화면이 좌우로 변해도 토끼가 앉아 있는 달의 위치는 고정입니다.
- 하늘에서 가끔 유성이 떨어집니다.
- 하늘에서 눈이 내립니다.
- 홈화면을 터치하면 3가지 종류의 눈이 랜덤하게 생성되서 움직이다가 사라집니다.
누르면 캐롤이 연주됩니다.
- 2.2 이상의 OS의 경우 어플리케이션 정보에서 SD카드로 데이터를 옮기시면
메모리를 많이 줄일 수 있습니다

Merry Christmas and Happy year!

- Live wallpaper for Christmas and New Year
- Occasinal downfall of shooting-star
- Beautilful Snow fall
- Big snow flakes by touch

- froyo 2.2 Move to SD enabled

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

크리스마스 라이브 배경화면-T스토어 1위등극

12월 8일자 펀카테고리 t스토어 1위선정
성원에 감사드립니다

Christmas Live Wallpaper is nominated as top selling product on Korean T-Store market.
Thank you for your support

Sunday, December 5, 2010

하루 한 단어 - A Word A Day v2.1

영어 단어를 하루에 한개씩 학습해 볼 수 있는 어플입니다. 단어의 수준이 다소 높습니다. 단어는 Merriam Webster에서 제공합니다. v2.1에서는 어플을 다운로드 방식으로 바꾸어 일주일 이전에 게시되었던 단어들도 저장하여 볼 수 있습니다.

- 기능
해설 번역기능
각 에피소드 다운로드 및 청취기능
발음 연습 기능 - Google Voice 연동
바탕화면 위젯

- 주의
WIFI 가 아닌 3G 에서 다운받으시면 패킷요금이 많이 나올 수 있습니다.

Today's English word from  Merriam Webster. In v2.1 all new changed to download based application so that you can store and view words which were passed more than a week ago.

- Features
Translate the annotation to your language
Download and listen each episodes
You might practice your pronunciation - by Google Voice
Home screen widget which updates itself about a day

Download mp3 on 3G can be costly, use WIFI