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Sunday, June 9, 2013

GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) tester for Android developers

This page provides testing tool for Google's GCM(Google Cloud Messaging). Fill in required fields below and press "Send" button.

GCM SENDER is sender id which can be retrieved on Google API Console, like "AIzaSyDAYveZOAwO9XSdbipu4hER5wt8I_afrIY".

GCM CLIENT is client id which is given when you register your Android app on GCM server, like "APA91bGQ3i3wdDbsEaKXkykQwxD1UmxlsIa8kxOGcV03I5ALr73spLpGJrjQk-gWqVw2VdZWULp95e4tT5dJvUTpVfPHSv4KllLxWpWOHJkHjsVQ92arMXBy43o6twUjUOBjBpEcORWxYwMCBtounjs87lhyAy6nnkfM0q2ePhLXw1t6m3kMRNw "

Parameters are pairs of two strings, key and value, which will be delivered as payload along GCM message itself.