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Friday, October 29, 2010

Multi Memo Widget Support

Home Screen Widget is not supported in Multi Memo. Users who want to use widget feature must download the separate application.

I designed it to be a separate application because widget application can't go with move to SD function, that means if an application has the widget and move to SD feature at the same time, and that application is move to SD, then user created widgets on the home screen, and if the SD card had to be removed for some reason, widgets will be removed with that. Users would need to recreate every time they plugged in the USB port of the PC.

You can change text  or background color of the widget you create by options menu in the memos list which will be shown through picking widget process.

Monday, October 25, 2010

GPS HUD, RSS practical usage

RSS, Quote from wiki,

RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format.

Explaining detains of RSS would be out of scope in this article. You can find tons of materials on the web.
GPS Hud can diplay titles of given RSS. It's main usage is to display headlines of current news. Here are some examples of RSS address.

If you enter above urls in the RSS url text box of GPS Hud settings. The titles will be fetched and displayed along with the period which is also set at setttings. Urls tend to be too long to put in by hand so you might as well copy and paste them in the phone. Stock Quote example is for MSFT(Microsoft) only, you can go to and get another address which you want to look.

Above are just a few examples of RSS feed. There are thousands of RSS feed on the web. Search and get best feeds you need.

Next, you can make your own RSS feed with the sites like Feed43. That kind of sites help you make a regular web site written in HTML to a RSS feed and update the content periodically.

I hope this article can help you use GPS Hud more effectively.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Multi Memo "Map location" feature and...

- Map location

Map location feature added in Multi Memo now v2.3. From now on geo location of the point where the memo was written is stored with memo data. You can review it later in (long press) context menu "Map location" of each memo item.

Please note this feature requires extra permmisions of MultiMemo regarding acquiring gps position and you need to fix gps position before hand if you want to record a precise position.

- Text memo password

It would be useless that we set a password in finger-writing memo obiviously. Instead, many users have requested text memo password setting function and now we have it.

By using lock left to voice icon, After password is entered, setting password for the text memo can be done.
You can also unlock it later if you press lock button again.

In v2.3, froyo move to SD supported so you can save up internal storage space.

Andro Ruler

Possibly, the two most frequently used scale in our daily life, ruler and leveler are integrated.

- Pitch of ruler should be calibrated with real ruler before use and ALWAYS RECOMMENDED.
You can take out calibration tool by button on the left side. Ruler's pitch will move to the left or right by pressing arrow buttons. Measure with actual ruler until it is right and shrink tool by pressing button again.

- Multi touch support in ruler.(condition apply)
You can move two guide lines at once by multi touch the screen with two fingers.

- Show level of leveler in degree or graph.(in some systems)

- Inch and metric supported.

- Ruler's text and background color can be changed.

- tap to hold while measuring level

- beep when level reached

- calibrate level sensor

If sensor doesn't work well even calibrated, try to draw large 8 in the air a few times, that would calibrate sensor to the environment. This is needed because the application uses magnetic sensor in the device.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

하루 한 단어

영어단어를 하루에 하나씩 익힐 수 있는 어플입니다 바탕화면 위젯을 지원해 하루에 한 영어단어씩 업데이트 됩니다. 메인화면에 영어단어에 대한 자세한 설명과 오디오 설명도 들을 수 있고 현재 영어단어에 대한 자신의 발음을 연습해 볼 수도 있습니다. 하루 한 영어단어는 Merriam Webster 에서 제공하는 내용입니다.

A Word A Day

Today's English word from Merriam-Webster dictionary. You can practice your English word pronunciation with Google voice. Listen explanation of the English word from the podcast. Share meaning of new English words with friends. Home screen widget available. Could be a useful tool for English learners.