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Monday, June 9, 2014

Clip Anywhere

When you would like to enter long internet address across desktop, and/or mobile devices, what would you do?
When you found something interesting on the mobile and like to see it in a big screen like desktop, what would you do?
You probably have typed in by hand.
This is online clipboard which will save you in those situations.

1. Copy text to clipboard you want to share.
2. Paste to "Copy" input box in Clip Anywhere.
3. "Copy" it online. Memorize 5 digit pin.
4. Open Clip Anywhere on the other device/desktop.
5. Enter your pin at "Pin" input box.
6. Click "Paste" in Clip Anywhere.
7. Click the text to enjoy it.

Pin is 5 digit number and automatically assigned when starting-up Clip Anywhere.
They are not unique number for you and other users can use them any time so it is better to make it hard to guess. You can make it as long as 32 digit.

• Paste texts from different pins are reserved up to 5.
• Swipe to delete previous pasted texts.
• Copied texts to online are preserved up to 10 minutes.

Suggestions are welcome.
Hope you like it!

Address :

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