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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Andro Ruler

Possibly, the two most frequently used scale in our daily life, ruler and leveler are integrated.

- Pitch of ruler should be calibrated with real ruler before use and ALWAYS RECOMMENDED.
You can take out calibration tool by button on the left side. Ruler's pitch will move to the left or right by pressing arrow buttons. Measure with actual ruler until it is right and shrink tool by pressing button again.

- Multi touch support in ruler.(condition apply)
You can move two guide lines at once by multi touch the screen with two fingers.

- Show level of leveler in degree or graph.(in some systems)

- Inch and metric supported.

- Ruler's text and background color can be changed.

- tap to hold while measuring level

- beep when level reached

- calibrate level sensor

If sensor doesn't work well even calibrated, try to draw large 8 in the air a few times, that would calibrate sensor to the environment. This is needed because the application uses magnetic sensor in the device.

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